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A special project from NIKEiD in collaboration with Frisco ISD football coaches that made the level of customization normally only available to NFL players available to the Frisco ISD teams.

Coaches from each school picked key players to participate in a design session, for a total of ten activations, one per FISD team. Players arrived to the Nike store at The Star, to a post-practice fuel up of sandwiches, custom Cowboy Player smoothies, and the Sour Grapes Crew doing hand-lettered mini posters. After a quick demonstration of NIKEiD, players split into small teams with tablets, each team was to design their ideal team cleat. Teams could customize everything from laces to footplates, and even add a school logo and rally cry. Coaches judged the competitions and selected a winning shoe for each school. Each group was sent a socially sharable gif of their newly minted cleat to share on their socials and hype-up the next phase of the activation.

A sample pair the winning footwear was then physically created by Nike for each team. A few weeks later we did activations that unveiled the custom cleats to the rest of the team at a hype-rally at each school. At the unveiling every player was given a custom flair pin of the team cleat that was created. The footwear was then available for players to purchase for the upcoming football season.

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